Intacto Arms™ is Idaho’s premier custom AR-15 and 1911 manufacturing company. We are pleased that we have inventory and will continue to ship AR-15 and AR-10 platform firearms in all calibers throughout these interesting times. We have more AR platform inventory than ever, and to our knowledge, a larger accessory selection than any gun shop including the big box stores. Our AR gun inventory fluctuates, but virtually everything you may need is in stock at any given time, parts included. Custom builds require 4-6 weeks in real time. This is not 4-6 weeks that turns into 6-8 months like most other companies.



Intacto Arms has the best warranty in the industry!
We make guns to last!Warranty


We offer gunsmithing as well as full customization, so you can get your gun the way you want it!Gunsmithing


We can ship your firearm to your local dealer so you don’t have to come to us!Transfers

Intacto Arms is a Type 7 FFL and S.O.T. licensed weapon systems manufacturer and a full-service gun shop offering firearms and accessories from every manufacturer. From .22 LR to .50 Beowolf, we can acquire anything you want or need for work or play.  At Intacto Arms, we understand that our customers’ lives, families, and freedom depend on the quality of our work – and we take that understanding very seriously.  We specialize in manufacturing and customizing firearms on the AR and 1911 platforms.  We offer a full line of suppressors and automatic firearm systems for military, L.E. and civilian use.  Our mission is to produce the highest-quality firearms and provide the best customer service money can buy.  In our world, like yours, guns are not a hobby – they are a way of life.  Every firearm we manufacture and sell is 100% guaranteed and backed by one of the strongest lifetime warranties against manufacturing defects in the industry. Call or email anytime.