Intacto Arms


At Intacto Arms, we have always been a premier gun smithing operation. From day one, our passion has been building custom firearms, working on unique projects, and making your favorite pistol or rifle run like a champ. With this in mind, we are getting back to our original focus. Spring of 2016 we announced that we were getting out of the retail side of the firearms business. We are now able to focus on gunsmithing full time. We have closed the retail location to the public, and are moving to a gunsmithing only business at a new location

Hours will be by Appointment Only.

Customer Service Questions on past builds, OR to talk gunsmithing.


A note about already Purchased SUPPRESSORS & NFA Items: All outstanding NFA orders are in the shop. We are awaiting customer paperwork or ATF approval. IF the ATF has cashed your check, we are waiting on them. If you haven’t submitted your paperwork, we are waiting on you. As soon as we get the approval you will be notified to come pick up your NFA Item. If you need paperwork assistance, email us at