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At Intacto Arms, we have always been a premier gun smithing operation. From day one, our passion has been building custom firearms, working on unique projects, and making your favorite pistol or rifle run like a champ. With this in mind, we are getting back to our original focus. 90 days ago we announced that we were getting out of the retail side of the firearms business. We are now able to focus on gun smithing full time. What this means to you:

Shop Hours: Monday – Friday By Appointment Only

Option 1: You can ship your project to Intacto, and we will ship it back to your doorstep.
Email for Instructions.

Option 2: To Pick Up OR Drop Off a job, or schedule a Build Consult
Email: or call the shop at 208-639-1270

Option 3: If you need a 1911 or AR part and you are in the neighborhood, feel free to stop by the shop. Call us, and if we are in the armory or front of house, we will buzz you in. If we are in the machine shop or out running errands, we will answer your questions and help you set up an appointment. We have still got your back for emergency fixes.

A note about SUPPRESSORS & NFA Items: All outstanding NFA orders are in the shop. We are awaiting customer paperwork or ATF approval. IF the ATF has cashed your check, we are waiting on them. If you haven’t submitted your paperwork, we are waiting on you. As soon as we get the approval you will be notified to come pick up your NFA Item. If you need paperwork assistance, email us at



Intacto Arms is a Type 7 FFL and S.O.T. licensed weapon systems manufacturer as well as a full-service gunsmithing operation. From .22 LR to .50 Beowolf, we can work on anything you have for work or play.  At Intacto Arms, we understand that our customers’ lives, families, and freedom depend on the quality of our work – and we take this very seriously.  We specialize in repair, manufacturing and customizing firearms on the AR and 1911 platforms.

Our mission is to offer the highest-quality gunsmithing and provide the best customer service money can buy.  In our world, like yours, guns are not a hobby – they are a way of life.